Shopping Links!

Looking for Viking, Anglo-Saxon or Medieval kit or gear. Try these guys out!

Viking Replica Sword
Viking Swords
Viking swords, seaxes and jewellery by Bob Davies

Paul Binns Swords
Viking and Medieval Swords by Paul Binns

Viking period sword fittings, jewellery and much more by Alban Depper.

Iduna Crafts
Hand made Viking, Anglo-Saxon & Norman clothing reproductions.

The Jelling Dragon
Viking Craft Store

Merchant of Menace
Re-enactment supplies by Luke Holbrook.

Viking, Anglo-Saxon and medieval jewellery

Back in the Day
Re-enactment items for sale; jewellery accessories, bowls, braid

Rock n Gold
Not viking per se…….Erik Sandquist’s (Erik the Red) modern jewellery – but he also does beautiful viking jewellery!


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