About Viking Lady Aine

So who am I?
Well I guess there are two sides to me; Viking Lady Aine, the viking sword makers wife who does viking re-enactment; and Anne, the 9-5 worker who loves gardening and finding interesting places to visit when she can (usually with a camera in tow!)
And yes, I am  married to a sword maker; if you want to have a look at what he makes you can  check it out here!

I’d always loved history, so when I got involved in viking re-enactment it was a chance to live behind the times. The name came about five years ago as I needed to find a viking persona that I would use at living history shows. I didn’t want to be Brunhilde or anything like that – so I decided I was an Irish Lady (Aine) who met and fell for a viking sword-smith while he was in Ireland. Now I travel the viking world as his better half!!
Mind you when I started out re-enacting I wasn’t too keen on the whole ‘dressing up’ thing! But as time went on, I found it was easier to join in than sit on the side lines and watch! I found it much more fun, and I could access areas of shows that are open to re-enactors only (with the non authentic camera in tow)!
Someone showed me how to nalbind; nalbinding progressed to learning to dye wool yarn with natural dyes. I use things from my garden to create the dyes; nettles, blackberries, onion skins, ivy…….
My viking journey continues…. who knows where it will lead!

Then  there’s me; Anne, the 9-5 person.
So I’ve already said I love history; old buildings, sites, hidden gems….. and taking photographs of where I’ve been. See, you have to travel to modern viking events in the 21st century and that has offered me the chance to visit some pretty cool places, mainly in the British Isles.
So that’s where ‘My Places’ fits in….. these are the hidden gems of places we have visited when not doing re-enactment, and the wonderful natural world we live in!1-101_2475

Then there is the garden, my other main interest. I grew up helping my parents in their garden, and I still find that it’s a wonderful way to escape from the maddening crowd! And from the garden come the fruits, flowers and herbs that can be used for dyes, jams, jellies, preserves and even the odd beverage!

I guess what I’d like to do with the blog is highlight what a 21st century re-enactor gets up to; both in re-enactment and normal life. The posts will definitely cross between the two from time to time – but it’s all me!

Feel free to browse through the posts and tags on the right side of the page.  Posts and comments are always welcome – I always like a bit of feedback!

One last thing; all photos here (unless otherwise stated) have been taken by me and are copyright to me – that’ll be the ©Stevierad or ©Viking Lady Aine marks 🙂


10 thoughts on “About Viking Lady Aine”

  1. Well written Anne. I believe you can be a 20th century Viking, no matter that you work 9-5 and all that. In a lot of ways, as they were brutal times, maybe it’s best to be here. I wear a bit of 10th c Viking jewellery, It’s the imprint that sets me way back in time , yet still enjoy the things this time in space allows. I must check out Bobs website now.
    Garth (vikingcarver)

    1. LOL Garth – yes in many ways better to be here…….. I love my creature comforts too much for one thing!!
      But as you say, there is an ‘imprint’ in the old ways; closer to nature and all that!
      And also they were the most wonderful craftsmen – and I admire people that create similar things in our modern world such as your wonderful carvings 🙂
      Thank you for your kind comments

  2. Lady Aine, thank you for stopping by, liking and following my blog. I’m looking forward to reading of your adventures. Brought several of my favorite books to mind. 🙂 You are the source of my sudden spike in Irish views. 🙂 Best ~ HuntMode

  3. Very interesting site you’ve got here. I find the fact that you do nalbinding very interesting, it certainly gives a huge deal of authenticity to your projects.

  4. Hello Lady Aine
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I look forward to reading your posts as well.
    Alison – Stitches of Time

  5. Hi, I’m trying to contact anyone who can help me with Viking re-enactments. Can you put me in touch with someone in that line? Is it possible to PM you?

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