An end and a beginning; Snook and Indie.

I haven’t posted here since we came back from the New Forest back in October. When we got home we discovered a lump on our beautiful Snook’s back leg. So we took him to the vet, and we were told it was a fibrosarcoma.
Sad day…… I work in a hospital and any word with sarcoma in it is generally bad news.

SnookSo we did what we could. After much thought and discussion, we took him to a specialist vet and decided that removing the tumour would be the best thing to do. Off we went to Galway and left our boy to have his operation. It went well; the vet was very positive. We got daily phone calls to tell us how he was doing, and the staff were so good to him and to us.
Finally we got the phone call to come and collect him; our boy was coming home!!

He collapsed as he was coming out of the van and never got up again. Half an hour later our beautiful boy had gone to the rainbow bridge.

To say that we were distraught would be the biggest understatement of the century. We had found Snook in a pound in Co. Tyrone as a eight week puppy. We raised him, played with him, trained him, took him to vike events, dealt with his sometimes uncertain temperament, but most of all we loved him. He was our boy. He meant the world to us. And he loved us back!

We buried Snook on December 21st. The turning of the year. And we tried to continue our lives, but there was this great big hole in our lives where the black dog had been.
So on Christmas Eve, Bob rang Dorothy from Sligo Animal Rescue to offer our home as a foster home for any dog that may need help. They were very grateful and said they would get back to us.
And on Stephens Day we got a call; someone had tied an eight week Labrador puppy to a tree on Christmas morning and they needed a foster home. We arranged to go and get him and met a little black puppy!!
We called him Indie as we were watching ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ the night he arrived.

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Four months later Indie is still with us, and we have adopted him permanently. He is a wonderful boy and sometimes I think he was an angel sent to look after us!; as one door closed another one opened!
Oh and as he is such a clever lad, he has his own Facebook page, so if you want to drop in and say hi!
Indie; 5 months old.

7 thoughts on “An end and a beginning; Snook and Indie.”

  1. The same happened to us in Nov last year, our German Shepherd, Rocky, just drop dead, out of the blue, we were heart broken, we still are, but we have a little Norfolk terrier now, Nancy, who thinks she is a GS, and has helped us……so glad that you found your angel, like we did 🙂

  2. So sad to hear about Snook 😦 but my heart is overjoyed that you have welcomed little Indie into your lives. Indie will never replace Snook but he can ease your breaking hearts, he’s a little beauty xx

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